About us


We are a creative company, but we always work project based.
First, we describe the embryonic idea. Then we design a test environment in which "proof of principles" can be demonstrated convincingly.

Following approval, we set down a description of the project in a "plan of approach". Of course, this includes a budget estimate and also a time frame. And we stick to this.
Once all the milestones have been achieved and approved, the prototype phase commences. Ascertaining the functional and technical specifications, supervision of the construction and final completion and delivery of a working prototype.

One of the major productlines are the industrial microwaves. Started many years ago for the bakery industrie, now it has been developed for many different products. Several patents are granted or pending. 

 Based on microwave technology we have developed a new and modulair production line. The energy distribution is very uniform in the cavity, without the "hot and cold spots". These lines are suitable for many products.

 Energy savings upto 83% using microwave technology have been proved.



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