Welcome to Graviabell BV


In its 35-year history, the unique company Graviabell has offered solutions for technology issues, with tomorrow's mechatronics. Graviabell has tremendous insight and employs many different technologies. Obviously, we have a working knowledge of mechatronics. We work with universities in the Netherlands and abroad. We have almost every technical discipline in-house or within arm's reach. In addition, good cooperation with the manufacturing industry is essential for us. Thanks to this, we now have an impressive international network.

Technology related grants can provide the leverage to get a project approved. The most important provider of grants is SenterNovem. Graviabell speaks and understands the language of grant-awarding organisations. Consequently, we can be of great assistance to you in the supervision of a grant application.

Graviabell is the think tank, which thinks out of the box in the creative solutions it presents. We are not stuck in a routine. After all, we are innovators.
We unleash the creativity in our customers. This way, we unite the idea with various possible solutions. And we have them all patented. Everything is done with an eye on the future.

 Based on microwave technology we have developed a new and modulair production line. The energy distribution is very uniform in the cavity, without the "hot and cold spots". These lines are suitable for many products.

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